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    The Staycation (#15)

    As we embark upon our second month of quarantine, the staycation may be the only way to unwind. Listen to the #nerdbirds as they chat about their staycation experiences and […]

  • Sustainability Week: Travel & The Triple Bottom Line (#14)

    With sub-$400 roundtrips from the United States to Europe and Asia, travel before COVID-19 had never been more accessible. Though the democratization of travel is positive, the results were overtourism, […]

  • Sustainability Week: Individual Actions (#13)

    “Savor the journey” is definitely easier said than done. With redeye flights, uncomfortable economy seats, and the stress of the travel day, it seems impossible to truly savor the journey. […]

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    How Do Airports Work? (#10)

    Airports seem so simple. You arrive, check in, go through security, and board the aircraft. Behind the scenes, an incredibly complex network of airline, airport, vendor, and government stakeholders have […]

  • Travel Planning vs. Serendipity (#6)

    In our first themed episode, we decided to go for the jugular and tackle the age-old question of “How much planning is enough?” Brendan joins co-hosts Jeremy and Rachel to […]

  • Lightning Round: Meet #nerdbird Kai & Future Episode Preview (#5)

    With years of airline experience #nerdbird Kai brings a valuable inside perspective to our discussions. Right before this episode was recorded, we sat down to discuss the future of the […]

  • Lightning Round: Meet #nerdbirds Brendan & Eric (#4)

    Today we present two more of our #nerdbirds members: Brendan from Los Angeles and Eric from Boston. Brendan will take you on an imaginative walk down memory lane recalling the […]

  • Lightning Round: Meet #nerdbirds Charlie & David (#3)

    Though Rachel & Jeremy are the podcast co-hosts, there are plenty more #nerdbirds for you to meet. We’ve got a team of airport design experts, graphic designers, data analysts, and […]

  • This or That: Airline Edition (#2)

    After an incredibly fun first lightning round, the #nerdbirds went back for more…two more to be exact! Listen in as #nerdbirds Jeremy and Rachel debate Spirit vs. Frontier (and several […]

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    The Accidental Lightning Round (#1)

    This year’s April Fool’s Day felt like a joke to our #nerdbirds tribe, as we find ourselves trapped at home with no end in sight. In order to keep our […]