Keeping it 100 with a #nerdbirds Jeopardy Showdown! (#100)

To celebrate the 100th episode of Travel Tales From the #nerdbirds AND the third anniversary of the final Virgin America flight on April 24, 2018 (both of which just happened to coincide on the same day, imagine that!), #nerdbirds Rachel & Kai gathered #nerdbirds Sebastian, David, Brendan & Charlie along with Pilot Sarah to play a travel-themed Jeopardy-like game on Factile.

Find out lots of interesting travel tidbits, including:

  • Where two eagle heads are better than one
  • What animal Kai rode a bus with in Mongolia
  • Just how much Texas BBQ Sebastian can cram into a suitcase
  • Not every visitor’s first city to visit in Japan is Tokyo…
  • And the surprising geographical origins of one of Asia’s most popular food exports!

If you’d like to play along with this episode, download the question list here or click the download link below the game board picture! (Note: In the question list, the categories and questions are grouped by subject, but just like in Jeopardy we bounced around the board!)