The Staycation (#15)

#nerdbirds podcast logoAs we embark upon our second month of quarantine, the staycation may be the only way to unwind. Listen to the #nerdbirds as they chat about their staycation experiences and tips, from spa days to cooking classes and art to digital detoxing. Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean a staycation is out of reach!


The Digital Detox

  • This applies to phones, tablets, and watches
  • Might have to go full-blown: turn off ALL notifications, especially preview ones that pop up when the phone is locked
  • Find a way to not look at news or Twitter. (Rachel actually ripped the SIM card out of her phone and handed over to a retreat cabin owner, along with the Wi-Fi router in said cabin)
  • Delete Facebook, Instagram, TikTok — even your Mail app (you can easily reinstall them later)
  • At minimum, Do Not Disturb should be on all day
  • Rachel personally thinks this isn’t a great time to Netflix binge, but to detach as much as possible from tech save photography, reading, and instructional videos (and you can download to view offline on the latter two)
  • Afterwards, feel free to share whatever on social media to your heart’s content!


  • Look for free drawing lessons on YouTube — there are so many, but you can always start by drawing a cute chicken!
  • Deep Space Sparkle has free draw-alongs for Kids (and Adults) — look for them on YouTube, as well
  • Zentangle is a drawing method for Adults
  • Use Postcrossing to send and receive postcards from around the world


  • lots of YouTube channels and websites with interesting recipes — love the Epicurious Level 1-2-3 chefs!
  • …or dig out old cookbooks and actually use them 😀
  • Picnic in your backyard if you have one — or lay out a blanket at home and set up a picnic there

Childhood Tent/Box: can also set up in a backyard or in the house. Hammocks are great, too. Could be a great space for…

Reading: We learned from a friend that half of books on a Kindle are never opened! Catch up on reading in your tent or hammock 🙂

Home Spa

  • essential oils & diffuser, or lemons & water
  • candles (even LED ones) or fairy lights
  • massage chair (or inserts to place on a chair or sofa) or tennis balls
  • look for spa station playlists on Spotify/Pandora/other streaming services

Neighborhood Walks

  • Geocaching or Pokemon Go still gets you exploring neighborhoods without buying anything
  • Seek is an app that helps identify plants during a walk
  • Take a free intro photography class and observe/capture moments with a camera or phone (see caveat about tech below)

Short Roadtrips

  • Look for books/sites on backroads and hidden places (but realize that everyone else might be looking too)
  • Need to factor in limited restroom availability. Probably best to factor in turning around after 30-45 min of driving. The Roadtrippers and iExit apps can help.