Meet Flight Attendant Joey: It’s (Also) All About the Food (#155)

Pilot Sarah needs some company in the honorary #nerdbird department, so it’s time to welcome Flight Attendant Joey! Co-host Rachel dug up the lightning round initiation questions from 2020 and Joey was more than up to the task, with tales of travelers losing common sense when they board a plane and favorite eats while on the road (although Rachel still isn’t sure about Joey’s favorite restaurant in Seoul, where you could suffocate on your extremely fresh meal!). They both banter about their favorite quiet airplanes, Airbnbs vs. hotels, and the dream of an airline that only accepts nice passengers 🙂

This is the last episode for Season 8, and co-hosts Kai and Rachel decided that if most Europeans get weeks of summer off, they can too! We’ll return in August.

Links to sites mentioned in the episode:

Rachel also mentioned pancakes and herring in Amsterdam: