The Traveler Lifecycle, Part 1 (#29)

People love to dream about and plan trips, but information overload leads to overwhelm pretty fast! In the first episode of The Traveler Lifecycle series, Jeremy and Rachel break down the first two steps: dreaming and planning. Listen as they describe their approach to these steps, pain points that travelers experience, and potential solutions to promote healthy, engaging travel. Plus, hear an update about travel during COVID-19 after Jeremy’s flight home.

And…this conversation made us think about designing a travel planner!

Why would we make this? Our conversations in past podcasts really highlighted how we’d love to encourage tourists to go off the beaten path and become travelers. We’d also love to help ease the overwhelm in finding locally driven experiences, and can see this being a win-win for travelers and travel companies — if it’s easier to find locations and experiences, that’s more sales for booking engines.

Stay tuned as we document our journey with customer testing an idea.