Travel News Roundup: First Class Dining Delivered To Your House? (#55)

In this Weekly Roundup of travel news, #nerdbirds Jeremy & Kai virtually bounce across the globe, discussing the most recent travel news. Paris goes back into their strictest level of lockdowns as COVID cases spike again, Australia opens a travel bubble for New Zealanders to come visit (but not vice versa), and AirAsia Japan is the latest airline casualty to shut down.

In the second part of the episode, we chat about Singapore Airlines, who are getting creative with keeping up their brand promise while staying on the ground airlines. Across the Pacific in the USA, airlines are pivoting to luring the leisure traveller, flipping their normal penchant (and their route networks!) for business travellers on its head, and then across to the Maldives where a man-made island is being built in order to protect Maldivian inhabitants from rising sea levels and relieve population density issues – all with a green twist.

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