The Era of the Pivot: Travel News (#59)

In this Weekly Roundup of travel news, #nerdbirds Jeremy & Kai start off with talk about a recent military study (yet to be peer-reviewed) about how the chances of COVID-19 spreading onboard an aircraft is incredibly remote. US domestic airlines United & Southwest make some waves with their new route announcements, and Iceland takes advantage of the pandemic to spruce up the country!

In the second part of the episode, we go into an in-depth discussion surrounding the increasing amount of travel-related companies making business pivots in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, building off of stories covered in previous weekly news roundups. We discuss two further examples, including Finnair’s catering arm selling Business Class-inspired meals in Finnish grocery stores with items like reindeer meatballs and chantarelle risotto, and XpressSpa’s pivot towards a COVID-19 testing & travel medical center.

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