Global Connectedness: Goods Flow While People Stay Home? (#73)

In this week’s news roundup, #nerdbirds Jeremy & Kai discuss Virgin Atlantic’s 747 farewell celebration (already sold out!) at Heathrow and how 3 British Airways 747s will be saved for permanent exhibitions & film sets at two locations in the UK. Over in the US, the DOT released a final rule regarding emotional support animals. Jeremy & Kai talk about what that means for pet travel moving forward.

Hopping back across the pond, with the real teeth of Brexit looming in a few weeks’ time, they discuss how travel requirements will change after December 31st and how many UK citizens may be caught off guard by the changes (spoiler – it’s a lot!)

In Part Two, they take an in-depth look at global connectedness through DHL & NYU Stern’s Global Connectedness Index, and how although people aren’t travelling right now, goods have pretty much bounced back to near pre-pandemic levels. The world is still closely connected even if we can’t connect in person!

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